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For a lot of people jewelry is a luxury. It is one of the first to be sacrificed during a slow economy. So, to help things along, Chrystine Jewelry is making a special offer to those interested in purchasing a Diamond. Chrystine Jewelry stands by the quality of each Diamond sold. I, T.L. Sidebottom,  the designer of Chrystine Jewelry have made a point to surround myself with the best in the industry. Each Diamond is thoroughly inspected by a Diamond Expert with Over 30 years of experience, when you purchase a Diamond you are purchasing a Diamond you can be confident of. Also, when you purchase a Diamond (G-color, SI-Quality, One Carat or greater) (See Diamond Chart) I will offer 50% off the custom design fee of your setting. Unlike some places that double the retail price and tell you your getting 50% off, I'm willing to take a true loss of profits to help my business during a slow economy. When you call (248-549-5640) and make an appointment, you will meet with a Diamond Expert and get a free education on Diamonds. You will learn all the important aspects of a Diamond, so that you clearly understand. I have seen countless numbers of Diamonds over my 19 years of designing jewelry. Take it from me, consult with a Diamond Expert. It is important for you to know your Diamond before you buy. If you would like to  make an appointment or if you have any questions feel free to call (248-549-5640). Please mention any ads, web pages, or how you  heard about Chrystine jewelry.   Thank you.