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It would be nice if everyone could have an ideal cut, D-flawless Diamond. Or, at least, one large enough to appreciate and be proud of. The fact is, it's a very rare Diamond. but still a "must have" for some people. It's the whitest, clearest Diamond there is. I personally believe it's "way high" on the scale for collectors. For those who have disposable income. Many Diamond dealers would agree, there is a line to be drawn. Where do you draw that line is the question.    It's a compromise between the four "C"s. Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat weight. (see Diamond chart) Each category has a high and low end. The one's most talked about are the Color and the Clarity. Now, if you're on a budget and you only have a certain number of dollars to spend and no more, then I say, SI 1 Clarity and the G-color are the best Color and Clarity for your money. This is my strong opinion, and this is where I draw the line. There are many Diamond Experts that would agree with me. This is just a guide line. You can decide on a higher Clarity and Color and get a smaller Carat Weight; or a lesser quality Clarity and Color and get a larger Carat Weight. After you've been educated, the decision is yours. Many Jewelry stores base their reputation on the quality of goods they sell. If all they sell is junk that's what they'll be known for.  Many of them will start by trying to sell you the highest quality first.  If you don't know better you may end up purchasing something in the range of a collectors item. Small and very expensive, it might not be what you really want. Or, you maybe tricked by the halogen lights. They can make a low quality Diamond look better than it really is. It may have a larger carat weight, but if the day comes that you want to trade it in for an upgrade, no Jewelry store will want to take it as a trade. Because of its low quality, it will be difficult to resell. With a higher quality Diamond, Jewelers will be more likely to work with you on a trade in. They can be turned around and sold to another customer relatively quickly. Know also, that Diamonds have a retail value. Some Jewelry stores use the word wholesale to loosely. Think about it, if a Diamond, new or used is a nice quality and has an appraised value of say $5000.00, no professional business person will sell that diamond to a customer for $3000.00. If your shopping around looking at a G-color, SI 1, one carat Diamond, and three different stores are within 2 or 3 hundred dollars of each other, that is acceptable. The fourth store is $1000.00 less on the same grade Diamond. Something's wrong. It should raise a red flag. There are synthetic Diamonds, Diamonds that are laser drilled to remove flaws, Clarity enhanced, irradiated to add color, treated to remove the yellow color, and Moisanite which can be mistaken for a Diamond. I highly recommend you call for an appointment to talk to a Diamond expert. For a free education please call 248-549-5640 You'll be glad you did!