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Chrystine means branch of Gold



Chrystine Jewelry is the creation of T.L Sidebottom, a local designer and resident of Royal Oak for Almost 20 years. In this day and age Jewelry stores are as popular as gas stations. Jewelry is becoming more and more cut out, stamped, pressed, and popped out of a machine. Jewelry is also made cheaper in places like China for very low prices, but the low prices are not often passed on to the consumer, Also advertising 24/7 are several of your larger jewelry store chains located in and around your local Malls across the U.S.A. They fail to inform the public that they are owned and operated by a single larger foreign company, and all profits are helping to stimulate a foreign economy. You can always turn to your larger family owned Jewelry stores with the beautiful overhead who have been around for decades, they can usually afford the finest jewelers and designers, but all that talent and overhead don't come cheep. Also keep in mind they're only as good as the  designer they have working for them at the time. "I know the industry. It can be like a revolving door. If a talented designer is not available, who knows who could be creating  your Jewelry." Todd's work has been sold to many people over the last 17 years. There is no way to know an exact number, but using averages he calculated he handmade somewhere in the vicinity of just under 20,000 pieces of Jewelry that were sold locally. "I've spent the last 17 years, 8 hours a day, 6 sometimes 7 days a week sharpening and developing my skills to perfect my talent as a designer." He sells much of his hand made work to different Jewelry stores around town for wholesale prices. He designs miniature sculptures that people can put their Diamonds, pearls, and gemstones into and wear comfortably. Helping people to express themselves with a visual remark of who they are and what they're about.  Based on quality, hard work, and perseverance,  offering competitive prices for highly elegant Gold and Platinum Jewelry, Chrystine Jewelry is continuing to grow.