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 Have Your Ring Made, For A Very Modest Price You Can Have It Just The Way You Want It.       

These pictures give you a rough idea of the custom process, The actual process is much more involved, Feel free to call or E- Mail us with any questions. 

(1) Starting from a solid block of  jewelers wax, (A Soft Form Of Plastic) your design begins.
(2) The thickness, width, and finger size are 
determined, And shaped. 
(3) Using Saws, Files, Drills, Exacto blades 
the work begins.   
(4) Depending on how complicated, The process could take From a couple of hours to several hours.
(5) Eventually you end up with a finished model of your ring. 
 (6) The model is then put into a high temperature plaster, Heated at extreme temperatures in a Kiln, and fired overnight,  
(7) The plastic is melted out leaving a cavity in the shape of  the ring, Melted gold is then injected into the cavity leaving a rough cast. (8) The casting comes out rough and will be filed, sanded and polished, the setter then painstakingly sets the Diamonds.


The result is a beautiful ring you can enjoy and be proud of for years. Click to enlarge.